DIY Temporary Tattoo

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How to Make a Cool Temporary Tattoo in Two Minutes

Having a temporary tattoo is a lot of fun. But it is hard to get one whenever you want, WRONG!!!
I will show you the easiest way to have an awesome temporary tattoo in only TWO MINUTES  (or even less ;-) ).

What is good about this temporary tattoo is:

You don't  need to be an artist or a talented person to do this tattoo.
This tattoo will cost you almost nothing.
It is done in no time (two minutes).
It costs almost nothing.
You can do it in any part of your body.
Kids love it.
I can go on and on, but I will let you see the steps of having a temporary tattoo... have fun and pleeees share ^_^.

After the tutorial, I will give you links for some cool tattoo stencils in

You will need two things
1: a tattoo stencil; you can get them from for less than $0.50 per stencil.
2. Nail polish; you can use a temporary tattoo kit which contains stencils and glitter colors for temporary tattoos.

Steps of making a temporary tattoo at home:

1. Make sure that the skin is clean and that the size of the stencil fits the area which you want to have the tattoo on.

2. Peel the adhesive part of the stencil and put it on your hand (or any where you want to have your tattoo)

3. Apply the nail polish on the empty spots of the stencil.

4. Once you finish applying the nail polish, peel the stencil off of your hand.
At this moment you should apply the glitter if you want to (before the nail polish start to dry... the sooner the better)

5. Congrats.... you have some awesome temporary tattoo in no time
Some of you might not like the design I used in this tutorial.... There are many other stencils and supplies for temporary tattoos at

Here are some awesome tattoo stickers... click on them to get more info..

Wash the area and dry it before having the tattoo.
No waxing in 2 day before having the temporary tattoo.

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